We are fun modern women who love to help people feel good about themselves! We share a passion for educating people about the benefits of living a balanced and healthy life, full of amazing products, foods, practices, and supplements. Life is full and busy! Living a healthy lifestyle keeps us energized. We are here to share our personal stories and experiences. So remember to consult with a doctor or qualified health care practitioner before taking any new products or making any drastic lifestyle changes.

Melanie Founder Melanie Kasper – Having been a professional dancer into my 30s, I have spent much of my life pursuing health and fitness. This led me into management and product development for various health-related companies and health food stores, and to my current position operating a company specializing in health product demonstration and education. My goal is to educate consumers on what it means to have superior products in the supplement industry. I am a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor and believe in a holistic approach to being healthy and feeling good. In today’s world, a deep breath, a good workout, some stretching, a healthy snack, a supplement, and/or an essential oil—can all go a long way toward your optimal health. My passion is to help people overcome unhealthy habits, to better enjoy their whole lives and all their special moments!

MichelleContributor Michelle Detweiler – Michelle’s interest in nutrition and natural healing began in the summer of 2001. She took the summer off from studying at the University of Florida and read, among others, a book called The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing: Guarding the Three Treasures by Daniel Reid. This book changed her whole outlook on health and the bodies natural ability to heal itself. After graduating from UF with a degree in Advertising, Michelle moved to Seattle, where she would eventually study Nutrition at Bastyr University. Always having had a passion for cooking, her favorite class at Bastyr was the whole foods cooking class. After taking this class, she knew that she wanted to use her love of food and healing to help educate people and improve their well-being. Michelle absolutely believes that the key to preventing health problems, instead of just treating them, lies in the foods we eat. Food is the bodies fuel source and “medicine”. The earth has provided us with so much nutrition that we can enjoy, and prevent and heal from disease. She is VERY excited to be able to share recipes and nutritional benefits of the various foods to the readers of Society Wellness. Michelle’s all-time favorite part of life is raising (and being raised!) by her fabulous eight-year-old daughter. In her spare time she enjoys time with family, growing food, star-gazing, peace on earth and spending as much time as possible on her bike and paddleboard. ♥

Karen ThomasContributor Karen Thomas – Karen is passionate and committed to helping others achieve a healthier and happier life experience as demonstrated in her 15+ years as a professional caregiver. She graduated with a degree in Occupational Studies and Massage Therapy from the prestigious Swedish Institute – A College of Medical Science, in New York City. Karen is nationally certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and is currently licensed in both Florida and New York state. In addition to her private clientele, she has also provided professional bodywork services for Lutheran Augusta Senior Center – NYC, Westchester Iron Man Half Triathlon – Westchester NY, Ronald McDonald House – NYC and ING New York City Marathon. “My commitment is to help others understand what their body is saying to them especially in this high-stress environment that we live in, and in being a part of the health and wellness of as many people’s lives as possible. If left unattended, stress in our bodies can be a major contributing factor in causing injury and disease. As we become more aware of stress in our body we can make lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and massage, which promotes health, wellness and longevity.” Find out more about Karen at her appropriately named business Spalypso.

Contributor Ariel Robarge – A Registered Dietitian who specializes in nutrition for weight loss, disease treatment and prevention. Ariel received her Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics from West Chester University and went on to complete her Dietetic Internship through the University of Delaware and started her career with the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia where she practiced as a Wellness Dietitian. At Rothman Institute she worked with a team of doctors to implement nutrition and supplement therapy at multiple doctors’ offices to assist them in utilizing medical nutrition therapy. Ariel went on to private practice to work with clients and completed her certification in Sports Nutrition. Ariel’s passion is to teach others how to use food as medicine and create a lifelong relationship with food that supports optimal health and well being. She is constantly researching, refining and applying the cutting edge nutrition techniques to assist her clients in achieving and maintaining their goals. Ariel believes that we are only beginning to understand the power of food and nutrients on genetic expression, disease treatment/prevention, weight management and health. Her goal is to reach as many people as possible who are open to the possibility of transforming their personal relationship with food to support optimal health and wellness.

lauren1Contributor Lauren Rathvon – As a nationally board-certified Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I take great pride in seeking out the best tools and therapies to help my patients feel and look their finest. My enthusiasm lies in educating and empowering those around me (otherwise, how do we ever know what we don’t know?); I was an instructor at East West College of Natural Medicine, as well as faculty and an advisory board member at Mountain Meadow Massage School. Having worked for Whole Foods Market for over a decade, I rely heavily on proper nutrition and the highest quality dietary supplements to form a solid foundation for good health. A clean diet and carefully selected supplements provide a better playing field for other therapies to function, including acupuncture. My husband BJ and I have another passion–helping people see the world and experience cultures far different from their own. We started the tour company Insight Travels in order to illuminate the similarities between people, no matter how different our customs and cultures may seem. We specialize in all-inclusive small group or private travel to India, Nepal and Southeast Asia, providing not only cultural tours but culinary tours and yoga & wellness retreats, as well. In our travels, I love picking up native remedies and learning about the indigenous forms of medicine, as well as how the local diets are adapted for wellness in that region.

Nicole KaneyContributor Nicole Kaney – Nicole owns NK Productions, a nationally recognized wedding planning company for the past 6 years in Sarasota, FL. She is excited to be the Wedding Wellness contributor on Society Wellness and loves the mission of the blog. Nicole, although a foodie, balances her love of food with healthy eating and staying very active. She feels very lucky to be in such a rewarding field and loves the idea of brides feeling super healthy on their wedding day! Nicole is a big fan of taking high-quality vitamins and supplements to keep her energy up when working long hours. With so many choices out there these days it is hard to know where to turn for good information. She believes that having Society Wellness as a trusted source is so needed for young professionals who are looking to always feel their best. Nicole used to own a yoga studio and believes that training helps when working with brides, staying calm and healthy, as well as taking a deep breath makes everything better!