8 Natural Remedies for Bug Bites and Skin Rashes.

1. Green/Black Teas: One of the best available natural remedies are “used tea bags”. They quickly reduces the inflammation and rashes.

2. Aloe Vera Gel: Apply Aloe Vera onto the infected body part. It helps in hydrating the affected area and ease the itching and soreness. You can use the leaves of Aloe Vera or purchase a high quality Aloe Vera Gel .

3. Coconut Oil: is known as the magic oil for the treatment of allergic skin problems. Just put some oil onto your hand and apply it on the infected area. If you use coconut oil 2-3x a day for a week, it will greatly reduce the sores.

4. Ice Pack: Ice packs are used to lessen the swelling caused by bites. Severe itching and scratching result in red bumps and swelling, this is where ice packs come in very handy.

5. Oatmeal Bath: is one of the most trusted natural remedies for any type of skin diseases whether it is chicken pox or fleabites. It softens your skin and reduces the itchiness from your body. Read here to know – How to make an Oatmeal Bath.

6. Use a Citrus Spray: Lemon is considered one of the best fruits for making a citrus spray. Use essential oil of lemon and water, or cut a lemon (without peel), drop pieces into 12-24oz water, and heat it to 212° F. Wait for 24 hours and then spray it onto affected skin.

7. Witch Hazel: is one of the most common home remedies for almost all type of itching and soreness. It is handy for natural skin treatment.

8. Plantain: is a flower which has some impeccable powers like stopping bleeding in slight cuts. Applying its fresh leaves onto the affected region helps in reducing itchiness and redness.

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