Good and Bad Bacteria Facts

Good and bad bacteria are essential to life. As with most things in life, there must be proper balance between two sides; good and bad, right and wrong, hot and cold, high and low, and so on. Being aware of bacteria’s presence can help us to maintain balance.

1. Bacteria is the first organism we come in contact with at birth, before even taking our first breath.

2. There are 10x more bacteria in our body than there are human cells.

3. There are 150x more bacterial DNA than human DNA inside of us.

4. Eating fried beef increases Clostridia (unfriendly) and causes a decrease in Bifidobacteria (friendly)

5. 80% of antibiotics used in the US goes to animals, and then we eat them, along with the antibiotics. Crops can also absorb antibiotics from manure.

6. In supplements, a demonstration of synergy in multiple strain formulas is essential, there is a high chance of competition without proof of synergy.

7. The enteric nervous system (neurons imbedded all along the entire digestive system from esophagus to anus) contains more neurons than your spinal cord. Bacteria can talk to your nervous system and even impact your memory.

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