6 Reasons to go the Extra Mile to support your Adrenal Health before, during, and after traveling.

Whether it is a trip for business, pleasure, or both, many times we return from the trip and feel like we need a vacation! I want to do everything possible to minimize, or better yet eliminate that feeling. You may not have thought about the connection between travel and stress, or realize that you could support your adrenal health for the purpose of traveling.

6 reasons to support your adrenal health before you travel.

1. The days leading up to the trip are extra busy (added stress): preparing, catching up, and trying to get ahead.

2. Planes, trains, and automobiles: germs, poor air quality, cramped conditions, dehydration.

3. Arrival at destination: change of climate, altitude, and time zone. Altitude sickness can be especially debilitating, find out which adrenal supportive herb can help prevent altitude sickness in this post.

4. Activity: less or more than usual, over indulgence, more celebrating/less sleep, new or more indulgent food experiences.

5. Added stressors: business – presentations, seminars, interviews, meeting new people and/or working with strangers. Don’t forget family gatherings and reunions!

6. You return home to find piles of work on your desk, new deadlines to be met, emails to answer and phone calls to return. Not to mention extra laundry and unpacking. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious is common.

None of these reasons by themselves are a big deal, but put them altogether into one trip and that is a lot of added stress!

There are a couple great products to check out. Adrenal Health is a supplement, and an essential oil blend called Adrenal Support by Essential 3. Both are travel essentials!

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