5 ways to end sugar cravings

If you crave sugar and carbs all year long, not just during a few weeks of holiday splurging, then it is time to get the upper hand! You may have tried some of the tips listed below, however, in order to end sugar cravings once and for all, you may need to commit to recognizing the importance of these 5 things.

Green juice diet

Consider doing a short term, green juice only, fast/cleanse. Whether you chose to do it for 24, 48, or 72 hours, the juice you prepare and drink should NOT include apples, beets, or carrots, for sweetness. Drinking concentrated sugar all day long can really wreak havoc on someone’s system who is struggling to overcome sugar cravings. We have touched on this topic in the past.

Conquer candida

Someone struggling with ongoing sugar cravings, could very likely have candida over-growth. Those microbes are craving sugar just like you are, and will do everything they can to sabotage your brain, and will-power. Even if the juice you are drinking is fresh, organic, and cold-pressed, if it is juiced from fruits and veggies that are naturally higher in sugar, the juice won’t help you win the battle over candida and fungus overgrowth. There are supplements and enzymes that can help stack the odds in your favor for winning the war on candida. Keep in mind, that a low to no-sugar diet is essential if you have sugar cravings, whether candida is the reason for your cravings or not.

Exercise consistently

Regular exercise is a must! Stabilized blood sugar, efficient metabolism, and stress reduction, will all be optimized once you get into a regular fitness routine, and these all play important roles in combating sugar cravings!

Consider Supplements

There are supplements you may consider that will provide nutrients that support healthy blood sugar, and will help to combat those cravings on an ongoing basis.

  • A multi-vitamin and/or multi mineral formula will contain important minerals like chromium and magnesium, both essential for balanced blood sugar.
  • A broad based digestive enzyme formula can help insure your body is breaking down all foods efficiently.
  • The importance of balancing your healthy carbs with adequate protein and healthy fats, might require you to supplement with a protein powder and/or an essential fatty acid complex.
  • If you are doing those things already, there are herbs you can check into. One of our favorites is Gymnema.

In order to end sugar cravings for the long run, you must establish a healthier lifestyle. We have written a lot about this topic. Some of our most relevant to combating sugar cravings are:

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