5 Unique Ways to Look and Feel Taller and Thinner.

Here are 5 things you may not have thought about putting into daily practice, but doing so can provide a number of benefits. Not only are these good health habits to create, but they can also give you a slimming, confident appearance. This is important since your body affects your mind and your mind affects your body. So make sure to get started with these tips as soon as possible!

1. Practice good posture: this helps your chest looks bigger, belly and waist look smaller, and also helps you to look taller and thinner.

2. Make a habit of pulling your belly button to your spine. This flattens and strengthens your transverse abdominal wall eliminating the “pouch”.

3. Use an oil to create a natural shimmer on your bare skin.

4. Wear heels whenever possible. Flat flip-flops won’t do justice to the look of your calf muscles or booty.

5. Eat high water content foods like watermelons. You can eat the watermelon seeds too. Both are natural and gentle diuretics.

Photo credit: hansboodtmannequins.com

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