5 Sad Food Facts. 1 Simple Solution.

5 Sad Food Facts

1. Food industry chemicals and processing cannot sustain life.

2. Less than 3% of our agricultural land is used to grow fruits and veggies, which should be 80% of our diets. There is not enough produce harvested in the US to provide the 5-9 government recommended servings of fruits and veggies per day.

3. The average teen consumes 34 grams a sugar each day. How much is your child consuming? Calculate for a week, you may be surprised.

4. The food “industry” has stripped away our innate knowledge all the way to the cellular level about how and when to eat. So much so that everyone needs some kind of diet to follow, and people can’t be trusted to know within themselves what they should be eating.

5. The media, the FDA, Department of Agriculture, and large “food” industry companies love to keep us confused by selling us the latest “health” news.

1 Simple Solution

Eat from the Earth

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