3 ways to consume more water everyday. Drink Spa Water, Eat Fruit and Veggies, and drink Tea.

3 Ways to help you to consume more water:

1. Make Spa Water! Throw organic fruit and herbs into a pitcher of water and keep chilled. The pretty colors as well as the fresh flavor of the water makes it a nice change of pace. Organic is really important here since those ingredients you add will be sitting in that water a while and you don’t want to drink a concentration of herbicides, pesticides, waxes, chemicals, colors or preservatives. Melanie has started a Pinterest Board called Spa Water to give you some ideas.

2. Eat! Fruits and veggies on average contain 80% water
Watermelon, citrus, cucumbers, frozen grapes, jicama, tomatos, etc

3. Drink Tea! Buy or make flavored ones to get started with, but beware of added sugar*, chemicals, or preservatives.
*use raw honey as sweeter if needed for ongoing immune/allergy support

Can you drink too much water? Yes and no. Long term drinking of obsessive amounts of water, especially if distilled or lacking in trace minerals, can have reverse effects to all of the benefits of drinking enough water. The goal is to learn and listen to what your body needs (everyone is different). Stick with pure clean water to hydrate so not to learn “mixed signals” by using, caffeine, chemical, or sugar laden drinks to try and achieve hydration.

Note on alcohol: it accelerates dehydration, so make sure to drink at least ounce for ounce equal amount of water to cocktail. This will not only help prevent dehydration, but help your body flush out the toxic byproducts of alcohol being broken down.

Photo Credit: alive.com

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