3 Things to consider above & beyond doing a cleanse: Supplements, elimination, & core.

Everyone wants a “quick fix”. This fact will probably remain true until the end of time. Doing a cleanse has long been a popular cure-all choice. The problem with the “quick fix” is that the problem you are trying to fix has probably taken years to form, and you may feel like you have been successful with a “quick fix” remedy, only to find out weeks or months later that the problem is still there or it has “come back”.

Look beyond doing a cleanse

There are 3 areas that most people tend to overlook when it comes to having what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle that you can actually feel. If these 3 things were made a priority, the long term need for a “quick fix” is much less likely.

1. Take your supplements: enzymes, probiotics, super foods, and herbs! These will help support your body’s own detoxification pathways to work optimally everyday. This is also a great way to drink more water; you want 4-8 oz of water with each dose of supplements. This is easily an additional 24 oz of water intake each day.

2. Peeing and pooping! These are literally the #1 and #2 ways your body eliminates impurities!! You need to go # 2 AT LEAST once a day, everyday, year round! For optimal health, #2 should happen for the equivalent of each major meal – 3 times a day!

3. Besides the benefits of exercise on detoxification through sweat and respiration, when you are not “full” of toxins –(bloated and retaining water), your stomach flattens and you have an easier mental connection to your core. This is helpful during exercise because it is easier to pull that belly in creating a habit that not only supports your lower back, but also helps give you flat, sculpted abs.

Don’t rely on short term cleanses to help you feel your best in the long term. We have many great posts on this subject. Just type in the search box on the upper right corner of our blog: Everyday Cleanse Series as well as Lose Weight, Increase Metabolism, & Detox so you can learn about creating a lifestyle in which you never have to do another cleanse again!

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