20 Minutes to Fitness Smoothie

20 Minutes to Fitness is a fitness studio that specializes in slow cadence and high intensity workouts. Not only is this a fantastic science based workout, but the founders, owners, and staff, are some of the nicest people you will meet.

I wanted to create a smoothie for 20 Minutes to Fitness that used the same colors as their logo – blue and yellow, but could also be easily adapted to clients taste, preferences, and product availability.

The funny thing is, when you combine yellow and blue ingredients, the end color of the smoothie is going to be purple. 🙂

This smoothie can be used pre- or post-workout, or as a meal replacement anytime of the day. When you are deciding between whey and plant based protein, there are two things that will determine your choice:

  1. If you are a strict vegan, consuming a protein like whey is not an option, since it is an animal by-product.
  2. When you will be consuming the protein is also something to consider. If consuming post-workout, go for plant based to help neutralize lactic acid build up, which speeds recovery. Whey protein is a bit more acidic, but an excellent choice for a mid-day meal replacement.

20 Minutes to Fitness Smoothie Recipe

½ frozen Organic Banana (optional)

Reducing inflammation is a key to good health. Keeping your diet low in sugar will speed workout recovery, and lead to better overall health. Banana is somewhat higher in sugar than other fruits, so it may be best to use it in a pre-workout version, or if you need the extra caloric intake, in a meal replacement version.

½ c frozen Pineapple chunks

½ c frozen Organic Wild Blueberries

1 serving high quality Whey Protein or Vibrant Health Pure Green Protein

1 serving Progressive Phytoberry (alternatives such as frozen or powdered Acai, and Blue Lightning by Natures Plus can also be used)

1 tbsp Vega Antioxidant Omega Oil Blend or Flora 7 Sources Oil (plain coconut oil or hemp seeds/oil are other options)

Antioxidants are important to include in your workout smoothies because strenuous exercise increases the levels of free radicals in our bodies. More about antioxidants in this post.

1 serving Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance or Field of Greens

Greens help cool inflammation and are a great source of nutrition that we do not consume enough of in our daily diets.

8-10 oz unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, organic whenever possible. Using water, or 1/2 water and 1/2 milk is an option, if you prefer.

Combine all ingredients with a Blender or Vitamix

Want another variation of of this smoothie? Click here.

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