2 Ways to prevent “Sweater Body” during the winter months.

By now you have unpacked all of your warm clothes (translation: big, bulky) and you are hibernating in them. By the time spring rolls around and you start peeling off the winter layers, you may end up revealing your new “sweater body” underneath. But just because it is cold outside you don’t have to fall into the “sweater body” trap.

It’s freezing outside, you’re freezing inside, you naturally turn to comfort foods, which will typically mean high carb/sugar and maybe some bad fats mixed in. Unless you have a home gym or a home workout routine already in place you may fall behind. If you count on your workouts being outside or traveling to a gym or fitness center, winter temps and driving conditions can easily throw you off your routine.

Two ways you can prevent “sweater body”.

1. Choose healthy, satisfying, comfort foods.

  • Make stir-fries with lots of veggies and brown rice or quinoa.
  • Make steamed veggies a side dish at every meal. If not steamed, how about roasted? Both are so easy to do.
  • Use coconut oil as often as you can for all of your cooking needs. It is such a healthy fat and those amazing MCT’s will help keep you internal fires burning!
  • Of course don’t forget about soup. It is warm and filling, and as long as it is healthy and homemade, eat as much as you want.
  • Hot tea should be your beverage of choice; this will keep you warm and help fill you up. There are so many amazing herbal teas out there. You can buy blends for digestion, metabolism, immunity, you name it!

2. Exercise.

Of course exercising has to be part of the equation. If you are not partaking in winter activities like cross country skiing on a regular basis, then there are plenty of workouts you can do at home. Most gaming and TV systems have options readily available now, and most are inexpensive or free. Many wellness websites, including ours (follow this link), have posted indoor workouts for followers to do.

Take charge today so that this spring you won’t have that added pressure of losing your “sweater body” weight, followed by participating in “swimsuit body” diet season. Aim for more consistency all year round, adapting your wellness approach to the seasons. Don’t let the seasons get the best of you.

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