13 lifestyle changes that could eliminate your heartburn forever

Remedies for heartburn are as simple as following a list of our favorite daily healthy-living tips. When you change your lifestyle, you change your health. Lifestyle and prevention are ongoing themes on this blog because we believe it is actually easy to be healthy. Creating a lifestyle mindset, rather than relying on the quick-fix diet, cleanse, or pill-popping mentality will help you avoid many of our modern day ailments.

Heartburn, reflux, GERD, and most digestive issues, are usually remedied by a change in lifestyle, and a few health supportive supplements.

13 lifestyle changes to eliminate heartburn

Stay away from processed bread and grains.

Don’t eat fried foods. This includes roasted nuts and seeds.

Limit cheese and dairy consumption.

Reduce or eliminate weekly alcohol intake.

Avoid processed snack foods.

Stop drinking soda and other “convenience store” beverage offerings.

Drink pure, clean, alkaline, living water like Mountain Valley Spring water.

Do not eat late at night. Even if it is healthy food, waiting 2-4 hours before bed is best.

Take an easy walk after dinner, not too intense; otherwise, you may interrupt the digestive process.

Include a digestive enzyme with each major meal.

Use aloe internally for the occasional upset stomach, acidic discomfort, or nausea.

Add a high quality probiotic to your daily routine.

Follow the main principles of proper food combining.

The mainstream medical establishment has made it confusing for us when it comes to really understanding the health issues surrounding acid reflux. The “purple pill” and the “acid reducers” may provide temporary relief, but do nothing to eliminate the cause of the problem. Most of the time they make the problem progressively worse, by messing up the innate functions and the delicate balance of enzymes and acids that are required to digest food properly.

Acid and enzymes break down the food we eat, so taking a pill that “shuts down acid production” or “stops acid” will lead to food not properly getting broken down (indigestion), which can cause heartburn and acid reflux.

If you have had long-term issues with acid indigestion, make sure to work with a qualified health care provider who can rule out any damage that may have occurred due to ongoing indigestion.

By following the “daily healthy-living list” above, you certainly won’t cause yourself any harm. Most likely it will help your digestive issues, and it will certainly create a healthier you overall.

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