11 Ways to Eat Goji Berries

11 Ways to Eat Goji Berries

Here is a hint: anywhere you would use, raisins, cranberries, or currants.

In a salad, ANY kind of salad. Fruit salad, greens salad, chicken salad

On hot or cold cereal

In trail mix

In yogurt

In cookies (replace raisins or chocolate chips)

In smoothies

As a tea, or in addition to another tea, like green tea and goji

In water (Spa Water)

In ice cubes, a decorative and healthy addition

In vodka

Or keep it simple and just grab a handful out of the bag and enjoy!

Finding good goji berries

When you purchase goji berries, they shouldn’t be hard as a rock. Purchase a high quality brand, and you won’t have that problem. Feel the berries in the packaging before buying and if they are not “soft” like raisins, skip that brand. Of course, there should be no additional ingredients, additives, or preservatives to keep them soft, so make sure to read the label!

Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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