10 Wellness questions to ask yourself

Here are 10 wellness questions you typically don’t get asked, or do not think to ask yourself very often.  Sometimes being questioned helps us see what is connected or disconnected in all aspects of our lives, especially health. When you visit any kind of good health care practitioner, what is the main thing they do? They ask questions, and listen.

Start putting this into your own self care practice; ask yourself questions, and listen to your own answers. “Everything you need to know is within you. Listen, feel, and trust the body’s wisdom.” Dan Millman

10 Wellness Questions

You may have easy and immediate answers, you may struggle with the questions, and/or your answers may surprise you.

1. Do you eat more than 3 servings of whole unprocessed fruits and veggies everyday?

2. Do you feel amazing, healthy, energized, inspired and strong most days?

3. Are you at least 80% of your true potential in regards to your cardiovascular strength and endurance?

4. Does your upper body strength match or balance your lower body strength?

5. How would your life be different if you answered yes to those first 4 questions? Imagine your potential energy and outlook.

6. What are you scared of?

7. Why are you settling for less than your best health?

8. What excuses are you making?

9. What is preventing you from making change?

10. Do you care?

Want more questions to ask yourself? Here are 10 more.

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