10 Steps to a Healthy Body and Mind on your Wedding Day.

1. Take your supplements – Use a B complex for energy, beautiful skin, and healthy metabolism. B’s get depleted easily when you are busy multitasking. Additionally, adrenal support supplements can help you feel calm and refreshed, inhibiting fatigue and tension as to-do lists grow!

2. Exercise – Exercising will help you get toned up for the big day, plus it’s a great stress reliever. Find something that you enjoy that will keep you motivated – cross train and explore new activities. When all else fails, something you can easily do everyday, no matter what – power walk!

3. Drink a lot of water -This is the beauty secret you always hear about because it works! Being properly hydrated makes you look & feel so much better and can help calm hunger sensations. Try water with fruit and citrus for a nice variety and antioxidant boost!

4. Eat healthy leading up to your wedding day – Make good eating decisions many months prior to develop good habits. Keep increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and decreasing refined sugar and processed food. It gets easier as you’re in the habit. Plus, your wedding weekend is the time to indulge and enjoy!

5. Get your fiancé involved – Share your supplements. B complex, adrenal support, super foods and protein powders can help both of your immune systems stay strong, promote mental clarity, balance hormones, and preserve muscle tone. Encourage each other to stay consistent with daily exercise, healthy eating, and good water intake. Ask for his/her insight during the planning process, as they may notice something that has been overlooked. Support their participation no matter how great or small.

6. Get plenty of sleep before the big weekend – Start getting 8 hours of sleep months before your wedding day. If the other pieces of the puzzle are in place (consistency with your supplements, workouts, healthy eating) this should come naturally and you will be in a healthy pattern leading up to the big day. Nicole shares her sleep tips with you here.

7. Wedding Plan for Wedding Party & Family – Have a wedding party plan in place and sent out to family and your wedding party well in advance. This cuts down on questions for you all weekend!

8. Make sure all of the details of your wedding day are taken care of in advance – Passing off the details of your wedding to your planner (i.e.: placecards and seating charts) is so important so you can put forth the effort of good eating, exercise, and rest. Empower people you trust to answer questions and handle challenges on your behalf.

9. Don’t leave anything for the day of your wedding – Having everything done in advance is the best way for you to have a stress-free day! This is your day! Soak it in! From the moment you wake up, you should be doing things that make you feel great! Ex: Morning jog, favorite smoothie, luxurious bubble bath, favorite healthy lunch (don’t forget to take your vitamins!), hair and make up, time with close friends and family.

10. Keep it up – Look at all of the tips above, if you apply this advice to daily living for the rest of your lives, you will be set to feel as blissful and healthy everyday as you did on your wedding day! Congratulations!

Post by Nicole Kaney

Photo inspiringpretty.com

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