10 More Wellness Questions to ask yourself so you can move in the direction of your best health.

When you go day in and day out not feeling great, sometimes you can get trapped into thinking that is just the way it has to be. At some point many people realize it is time to make changes, but don’t know where to start. That’s one of the reasons we run this blog, to be a source of healthy information and options for discovering your best health.

Before you take the first step of making healthy changes toward your best health, sometimes you need to define the problem(s). Asking yourself questions can point you into the right direction. Not only do you want to answer “Yes or No” to these questions, if you answer Yes, then you want to ask Why? Even if you don’t have the answer right now, keep asking, and we promise the answers will start to come.

Answer these questions to find your best health.

1. Do you wake up with aches and pains most mornings, but they are NOT due to a hard exercise session the day before?

2. Do you require a constant intake of caffeine and/or sugar (coffee, soda) throughout the day to keep you going?

3. Are the only breaks you give yourself during the day “cigarette” breaks?

4. Do you typically go more than 24hrs without having a bowel movement?

5. Are you on prescription meds for a mostly preventable disease? (HBP, High Cholesterol, Acid Reflux, Osteoporosis etc.)

6. Does stress cause you anxiety?

7. Do you feel “sick” after you eat?

8. Do you have extreme low energy most afternoons?

9. Do you have joint pain or lower back pain that inhibits activity or range of motion?

10. Do you struggle to have enough energy and vitality at the end of the day for intimacy with your partner?

If you said to yes to many of these questions you are robbing yourself of optimal health, vitality, and immunity. You become statistically more likely to age prematurely and live in a constant state of dis-ease as you age.

Don’t let this list overwhelm you, just take it a little at a time. You have the power to change the answer to a 100% NO on most of these questions. As they are all interrelated, the changes required for positive outcome on one of these issues, will be most likely be exactly what you have to do for all of them. Make it a goal to change your answer to NO one question at a time, and you will be well underway to your best health before you know it.

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