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Fashion Flash

Meet Deb and all of the Fashion Flash Bloggers covering Fitness, Fashion, Make-up, and Health Tips, plus so much more! Continue Reading…


Finding green beauty products

Many beauty care products try to lure us into thinking that they will make us look more gorgeous and younger. Most makeup, skin care and hair care products are loaded with chemicals and toxic agents, the amounts of which are … Continue Reading…


Food Combining could be the missing link in your diet

Food Combining

In effort to improve your health and lose weight, you may have tested out the latest diet programs such as Whole 30, Mediterranean, Thrive, or Ketogenic to name a few. Sadly, we live in a western society that has taught … Continue Reading…


Watermelon Gazpacho. A great source of Lycopene and Carotenoids.

Watermelon Gazpacho

This is a GREAT summer soup! Watermelon gazpacho will provide a rich source of carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, and your B vitamins. Most people have heard that tomatoes are a great source of the antioxidant Lycopene, but you may … Continue Reading…


Vitamins A, D, and E, get a new look!

In an effort to make nutrition easier to understand, the FDA has amended labeling regulations for foods. Providing updated nutrition information to assist consumers in maintaining healthy dietary practices, is their goal. The upcoming regulations will also require that vitamins … Continue Reading…


Pasta with Summer Squash

This is a great tasting pasta with summer squash dish that is easy to make and has a lot of unique flavors. Summer squash is in the peak of its season right now so the dish will taste even better. … Continue Reading…


Blueberry, Almond Milk, Flax Seed, Plant Protein, and Super Food Powders Smoothie

Super Food Powders

Super Food Powders are my go-to for smoothies. I don’t always link to the exact product I am using because I am always experimenting. If you find a link to a specific product in any of our recipes it is … Continue Reading…


Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup with Cucumber, Watermelon and Basil

This chilled heirloom tomato soup recipe was actually in People Magazine from Richard Rosendale of the Greenbrier Resort. I made this last week with rave reviews and I’m making it again today for lunch. It’s a perfect healthy summer recipe. Get … Continue Reading…


In a workout rut? 6 Reasons You Should Try Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is more than an art form of dance, it’s a great workout. It may not be your first thought when it comes to getting a great workout but you should consider belly dancing as your next fitness endeavor. … Continue Reading…


Vegan Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

Vegan tomato basil Cream Sauce

Nutritional yeast (I use Bragg’s) is commonly used by vegans as a cheese substitute. It is a complete protein and is naturally high in vitamins including all B Vitamins. Most companies also add Vitamin B12. This vegan tomato basil cream … Continue Reading…


Infrared, negative ions, and hyperthermia.


Thermotherapy is a healing modality that works by applying therapeutic heat to the body to increase tissue temperature. The term Hyperthermia is commonly used when referring to heating at the cellular level. These processes increase blood flow, distributing oxygen throughout … Continue Reading…


Curcuminoids have your back!


Curcuminoids are the bright orange pigments of the herb turmeric. They belong to the family of polyphenols that includes all bioflavonoids. Renowned for its free-radical scavenging and antioxidant activity, turmeric has been traditionally used in India to relieve jaundice, arthritic … Continue Reading…


13 lifestyle changes that could eliminate your heartburn forever

Remedies for heartburn are as simple as following a list of our favorite daily healthy-living tips. When you change your lifestyle, you change your health. Lifestyle and prevention are ongoing themes on this blog because we believe it is actually … Continue Reading…


Shopping for more energy? What to look for when in the market for a good B Complex Supplement.

Are you in the market for a good B Complex supplement? Finally making the commitment to go get one? Or maybe you just happen to see a bottle on a store shelf or a website. Take a moment to make … Continue Reading…


Wedding / Health Planner for 6-8 months out. Get healthier, more fit, and less stressed.

Getting married? Big event in 6 months? Here is your wedding / health planner for 6-8 months out. Before we make this all about you, if you are a bride, check in with each of your bridesmaids. Not only on … Continue Reading…