Pistachio Pesto. Use on pasta, veggies, or as a sandwich spread.

Pistachio Pesto

I love pistachios, so why not make pistachio pesto?! Pistachios are naturally high in many vitamins and minerals including copper, phosphorous and the B vitamins. Additionally, pistachios are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that help protect your eyes. … Continue Reading…


Chic at any age. #wordstoliveby

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

Skincare, supplements, fitness, make-up, business, and dating, are just some of the topics in this week’s Fashion Flash round up hosted by Chic at Any Age. Continue Reading…


Smoked Garlic Soup Recipe

Smoked Garlic Soup

Our local market recently had smoked garlic braids imported from France available. I have never cooked with smoked garlic so I was curious. Not only did it give our kitchen an earthy, smoky smell, but it also tasted great in … Continue Reading…


B is for Bananas and Beets

Chances are you are already a banana eater, unless you have shied away from them because of negative ads you may have seen on  the Internet making them seem unhealthy. On the flip side, you probably “don’t like” beets, so … Continue Reading…


Curcuminoids have your back!


Curcuminoids are the bright orange pigments of the herb turmeric. They belong to the family of polyphenols that includes all bioflavonoids. Renowned for its free-radical scavenging and antioxidant activity, turmeric has been traditionally used in India to relieve jaundice, arthritic … Continue Reading…


Stress and Supplements. Adapting to our Modern Day Lifestyles via superfoods and herbs in capsules.

Stress and Supplements

Books and research on the subject of stress are everywhere now. This is an opportunity to point out how supplements have become so valuable in our modern day lifestyles. Even though you can argue that people from the beginning of … Continue Reading…

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Vegan Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Vegan Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Our intention is to offer more cabbage recipes because of the outstanding health benefits, and because it is so economical. This vegetable is a perfect example of outstanding nutrient density. We even think cabbage deserves “super food” classification. Hopefully this … Continue Reading…


Stress Weight Gain = Belly Fat. Be aware of the connection to hormone imbalance & insulin resistance.

Stress Weight Gain

Several studies have demonstrated that people with elevated levels of serum cortisol (caused by continual stress) were at a greater risk for developing insulin resistance, abdominal obesity, and diabetes, in addition to other blood lipid abnormalities and hormone imbalances. Stress weight … Continue Reading…


2 Ways to prevent “Sweater Body” during the winter months.

Sweater Body

By now you have unpacked all of your warm clothes (translation: big, bulky) and you are hibernating in them. By the time spring rolls around and you start peeling off the winter layers, you may end up revealing your new … Continue Reading…

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The human body is an electrical machine & electrolytes are substances that conduct electricity in water.


The human body is an “electrical machine”. All vital bodily functions happen as a result of electrical signals being sent between the various parts of your body and your brain. In order for your body to operate at peak performance, … Continue Reading…


You want to get healthy! You’ve kicked the alcohol and smoking habit, now what?

Get healthy

You want to get healthy, enough is enough, right?  You have kicked your alcohol habit and your smoking habit, congratulations! Now what? We would suggest kicking the soda habit, followed by processed foods, and by tackling those habits, you would … Continue Reading…


The cabbage family and your health

cabbage family

Considered one of the most ancient common vegetables, cabbage is also one of the most economical and healthiest vegetables today. Although cabbage is technically a biennial herb of the mustard family, centuries of cultivation have produced other forms of the … Continue Reading…


Spicy (or not) Coleslaw Recipe

coleslaw recipe

In our opinion, coleslaw is great anytime of year, and you need to try this coleslaw recipe! There is no mayonnaise so it is light and refreshing. You can make it spicy with horseradish and red onion, or leave those … Continue Reading…


Determining quality essential oils

quality essential oils

The more I learn about the essential oil industry, and what determines quality essential oils, the more I have found it parallel’s the herbal extract and supplement industry. Like most industries, you will find a wide range of qualities: the … Continue Reading…


A is for Apple and Avocado

Apple and avocado are definitely A-list fruits! Since different varieties of apples will grow each season, you can almost always find a nice selection in your market. Avocados have become more readily available year round as well, as people’s fear … Continue Reading…