truMedic TENS Unit Review and Giveaway

truMedic TENS Unit

Since the start of 2016, I have been studying electricity and its relationship to healing. You can read what we have shared so far in this post. I was thrilled when truMedic contacted us about doing a product review and giveaway … Continue Reading…

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Glamour Granny Travels hosts Fashion Flash

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

Find out who is behind the blog “Glamour Granny Travels”, and what women over 40 are talking about in this week’s Fashion Flash. Continue Reading…


Many features make Sea Buckthorn Berry a very unique super food.

Sea Buckthorn

What is a sea buckthorn berry? It is a small orange berry, and like most berries, they are extremely nutrient dense. What makes this berry unique is that it is the world’s richest source of omega 7. Like the goji … Continue Reading…


Folic acid. What you need to know.

Folic Acid

Our genes naturally program the creation of tens of thousands of proteins and enzymes telling each of our 70 trillion cells what to do. The MTHFR gene specifically codes for an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme (also known as … Continue Reading…


Cold sore remedies found at the health food store

Cold sore remedies

If you are prone to the dreaded cold sore, below is a shopping list of supplements you may want to look into that can really help discourage the appearance, and/or support the disappearance of them. These supplements can be taken … Continue Reading…


The cabbage family and your health

cabbage family

Considered one of the most ancient common vegetables, cabbage is also one of the most economical and healthiest vegetables today. Although cabbage is technically a biennial herb of the mustard family, centuries of cultivation have produced other forms of the … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Pasta and Summer Squash

Pasta and Summer Squash

We have done a summer squash pasta recipe in the past, but this one has different flavors and is a unique combination between squash pasta and pasta puttanesca. It’s a great dinner with the flavors of summer! It can easily … Continue Reading…


Top 20 Reasons Why We Love Vitamins and Supplements


Society Wellness was launched to share our personal passion for overall wellness, which includes taking vitamins and supplements on a regular basis. We want to share the main reasons why we love them so much! Let’s start by defining vitamins and … Continue Reading…

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What is the difference between Kefir and Yogurt?

difference between kefir and yogurt

What is the difference between kefir and yogurt? Yogurt is produced by a fermentation process using bacteria, and kefir is produced by a fermentation process using bacteria and yeast. If you have ever tasted any kind of kefir, you notice it is … Continue Reading…


Electricity and Healing


Electricity has been used in medicine since the days of the Romans. Electric torpedo fish were used for pain relief. Later, the electrostatic violet ray invented by Nikola Tesla, took the place of the fish. Nikola Tesla was the great genius … Continue Reading…


Paleo Fruit Tarts

Paleo Fruit Tarts

This is a fun dessert if you are having company over. These paleo fruit tarts are very easy to make and great for kids or adults. If you do not have individual tart pans, just make one large tart. Make … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Vegan Potato Dill Salad

Vegan Potato Dill Salad

This vegan potato dill salad is a great alternative to the traditional cream based potato salads typically found at summer BBQ’s. The cucumber makes a nice, refreshing addition! Remember that the reason that potato salad is susceptible to bacterial growth … Continue Reading…


Herbal Ice Cubes

Yellow Dock for Herbal Ice Cubes

Herbal ice cubes make a cool (pun intended) remedy for hot summer itches and scratches! Bug bites, poison ivy, hives and other allergic skin reactions can keep kids and adults up at night because of the constant discomfort. Kids especially will … Continue Reading…


Lanolin Lowdown


I was intrigued when I found out that Scents of Wellbeing lotions use lanolin as a main ingredient. In recent years, with the increased popularity of vitamin D, I have been aware of lanolin because it is the most common raw … Continue Reading…


Fresh Tomato Soup. Make Vegan, Vegetarian, or Paleo

Fresh Tomato Soup

Once you have tried fresh tomato soup, you will wonder why you ever bought canned. It is so good and has a completely different flavor than canned. Plus, it still tastes just as good with a homemade grilled cheese 🙂 … Continue Reading…