Nutrients that support fitness. Rhodiola, Green Tea, Chromium, Royal Jelly, and more….

Positive Relationship to Fitness

B Vitamins = metabolism, energy, nerves, fuel, immunity, recovery, cholesterol Rhodiola = drive, mood, performance, cardio efficiency, protein synthesis, recovery Ashwagandha = strength, stamina, endurance, longevity, muscle, nerve, response Eleutherococcus = adapt, cortisol, core energy, muscle fatigue, strength, withstand Royal … Continue Reading…


What’s the best way to find or choose a massage therapist?

What’s the best way to find or choose a massage therapist?

The best way to find a massage therapist is by referral or recommendation from friends and relatives who are already receiving massages. This way you can start with someone you already trust since your family and friends trust them. However, … Continue Reading…


Why you shouldn’t eat breakfast or eat before a workout.

Everyday Cleanse

Dr. Mercola keeps posting articles on this subject, and it has me tickled pink because although this is what I have done intuitively for over 20 years, it goes against what almost all health professionals claim, which is: start your … Continue Reading…


Fashion Flash is being hosted by Black Cat Plus

Fashion Flash

Our amazing Fashion Flash host this week is Jodell.  She is as a corporate trainer and consultant. During her travels speaking to women across the U.S. and Canada, Jodell was constantly being approached for her fashion advice, even going so … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Pea Salad

Recipe: Pea Salad

If you ever pick and shell your own peas, here is another great recipe to use them in! Frozen peas can be used as well. Delicious homegrown and organic peas have been easy to find this season, so get them … Continue Reading…


Have you been diagnosed with an “itis” ? Tendonitis, bronchitis, arthritis, colitis, gingivitis…

Nutritional support for itis

If you have been diagnosed with an ailment, either acute or chronic, whose name ends with“itis”, it is inflammation. Examples include bronchitis, meningitis, arthritis, tendonitis, colitis, gingivitis, laryngitis, (and the list goes on and on and on). Follow the doctor’s orders, … Continue Reading…


The Top 20 Reasons Why We Love Vitamins and Supplements


Society Wellness was launched to share our personal passion for overall wellness, which includes taking vitamins and supplements on a regular basis. We want to share the main reasons why we love them so much! Let’s start by defining vitamins and … Continue Reading…


Are you thirsty? 9 Reasons why you should stay hydrated.

Are You Thirsty

In this age of increasing awareness of health and wellness, not just for getting healthy but also for staying healthy, we are bombarded by the media with information on new fads, diets, lotions and potions. Sometimes the simple answer to … Continue Reading…


What makes a visit to a holistic dentist a unique experience?

Smile Pretty

I’m always in search of the healthiest, most natural and effective version of almost everything. This includes my choice of health care providers, which is why I prefer holistic dentistry. Here are some highlights of my typical visit to the … Continue Reading…


What is Vitamin D? Where do you get it? Could you be deficient?

Vitamin D

Did you know Vitamin D is not really a “vitamin”, it is more like a hormone. Our bodies produce it when the sun’s rays react with cholesterol after being absorbed by your skin. So what happens when you avoid the sun, … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Gluten Free Skillet Cornbread

Skillet Cornbread

This is the best recipe I have ever tried for cornbread. It is not vegan, but has a fantastic flavor and texture! Recipe was taken from “The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook” by America’s Test Kitchen. By using … Continue Reading…


Avoid the consumption of Propylene Glycol in body care, food, drink, and supplements.

Propylene Glycol

By now most people know to avoid Propylene Glycol when purchasing skin and hair care products, but more and more we are seeing this ingredient in processed foods, energy drinks, and supplements! This post is a reminder to read all … Continue Reading…

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Did you know you can raise testosterone and lower cortisol with one simple move?


Testosterone literally expands into everyday health and wellbeing for everyone, everywhere, in all walks of life. CEO’s, athletes, managers, performers, and moms, can benefit from the amazing health benefits of testosterone. A quick run down on what testosterone is: Testosterone … Continue Reading…


Fruits with the most nutrition for the lowest cost. Fill your shopping cart with these fruits.

Star Fruit

Surprisingly, these fruits pack the most nutrition for the lowest cost. We think that this naturally makes them Super Foods! By including these fruits on your shopping list you will save money, and get healthier! If you have read past posts, … Continue Reading…


Smoothie Recipe: Sea Buckthorn, Probiotics, Healthy Fats, & Greens

Psycho Smoothie

We are calling this one the Psycho Smoothie, because of the crazy combination of ingredients, and because it looks a little weird too. Don’t let this ingredient list freak you out, you can find these items at your local health … Continue Reading…