How to get fit for summer? Cardio!


Do you have a big event this summer and you want to look and feel your best? Whether it is a wedding, 4th of July party, family reunion, high school reunion, or you have been slacking on your fitness routine, … Continue Reading…


Addressing facial wrinkles holistically

Facial muscles

The appearance of facial wrinkles and lines are generally acquired over time. Emotional expressions are a form of tension. Habitual emotions result from unresolved conflicts, suspicions, fears, etc. These emotions reflect themselves in the facial musculature and appear as skin … Continue Reading…


Aging Backwards could be the Fashion Flash mantra

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

Jackie’s blog Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash this week. Topics include clothing, travel, jewelry, make up, fitness, health, and more! Continue Reading…


Join us in our 4th annual 13 day cardio challenge!

Cardio Challenge

Michelle and I have had so much fun the last 3 summers with the cardio challenge, we invite you to join us again! This year we have decided to squeeze it in at the end of May, so by June … Continue Reading…


Root Vegetable Slaw – A fresh twist on the traditional mayo based cole slaw and high in minerals

root vegetable slaw

It may look like traditional cole slaw, but the fresh root vegetables and light dressing used are nothing near as heavy as the traditional mayonnaise based cole slaw. You may use whatever root vegetables are in season and available from … Continue Reading…


Bone broth explanation and recipe

bone broth

Have you jumped on the bone broth bandwagon? Bone broth has become trendy and popular in food circles lately, but you may be surprised to learn that this food has traditionally been used as a health tonic for thousands of … Continue Reading…


What is an Alkaline Diet? Nicole describes in her own words:


Have you heard the word alkaline often? I have been hearing it more and more. I’ve seen the same massage therapist since I was 14 years old who is also a Naturopathic Physician (so I get lots of great advice … Continue Reading…


Tempeh Salad

Tempeh Salad

This tempeh salad recipe is an excellent alternative to chicken or tuna salad for sandwiches and wraps. It also makes a good dip for vegetables or just as a snack with crackers. It is also quicker and easier to make, … Continue Reading…

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What is Vitamin D? Where do you get it? Could you be deficient?

Vitamin D

Did you know Vitamin D is not really a “vitamin”, it is more like a hormone. Our bodies produce it when the sun’s rays react with cholesterol after being absorbed by your skin. So what happens when you avoid the sun, … Continue Reading…


3 Things to consider above & beyond doing a cleanse: Supplements, elimination, & core.


Everyone wants a “quick fix”. This fact will probably remain true until the end of time. Doing a cleanse has long been a popular cure-all choice. The problem with the “quick fix” is that the problem you are trying to … Continue Reading…


The difference between Brewer’s, Baker’s, and Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast

Working in health food stores for several years, I have heard a lot of confusion amongst customers regarding the differences between the various forms of supplemental and baking yeasts. These include nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast, and baker’s yeast, popularly referred … Continue Reading…

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Ugh! Need to follow our own advice. Read the labels – on everything – all of the time.


This is a quick post to remind everyone to read the labels of the products you buy all of the time, no matter where you shop. Both of these are true stories and are examples of just how easy unwanted … Continue Reading…


Mangolicious and Nutritious Smoothie

nutritious smoothie

It is so easy to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie these days, it just takes a little practice, and willingness to try! Smoothies are really hard to screw up, thankfully we have many delicious super foods readily available that … Continue Reading…


Are you getting enough protein?

Getting enough protein

According to the World Health Organization, only 5% of daily caloric intake needs to be protein. The National Academy of Science recommends that we take 10-15% of our total calories from protein. Some national health and fitness organizations recommend 20% … Continue Reading…


Kale and Sunflower Seed Pesto

Sunflower seed pesto

This is a quick kale and sunflower seed pesto that is equally as healthy as it is easy to prepare. The cheese can be substituted with an alternative such as Daiya brand cheese or nutritional yeast flakes. This sauce is … Continue Reading…