Sleeping Baby Blend Video Demo

You may have already seen our teething baby blend video demo, this post is sort of part two. The teething oil blend works really well, and this sleeping baby blend seems to work even better! Parents of young children want … Continue Reading…


Teething Baby Blend Video Demo

If you have a teething baby, or know someone who does, you must know about this soothing essential oil combo. A few of our friends have had great success applying this blend to their teething baby as needed. Every child … Continue Reading…


Prime Beauty Blog = Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash

Prime Beauty Blog, is for women 40 & over and in the prime of their lives! Women over 40 have unique issues and Prime Beauty Blog addresses those issues with information and products geared specifically for them. Prime Beauty Blog … Continue Reading…


Sweet Pepper Poppers Recipe

Sweet Pepper Poppers

I had a plethora of sweet peppers growing in our garden, so decided to try this sweet pepper poppers recipe. As a cheese lover, I used goat cheese, but a vegan alternative or even tofu would work great as well! … Continue Reading…


The Anti-Radiation Tonic Smoothie

Anti Radiation Smoothie

Recently I had to have X-rays and an MRI in the same week. Even though the MRI doesn’t use radiation (it uses magnetic imaging), just being in a facility that does multiple kinds of imaging heightens my awareness to radiation … Continue Reading…


Guest Post: Lutein and zeaxanthin and foods to eat for eye health


Out of our five senses, vision is arguably the most important. Almost all of the vital information we receive throughout the day comes to us via our eyes, and though there are ways in which we can deal with diminished … Continue Reading…


Eat Lentils! High in soluble & insoluble fiber & iron. Recipe: Curried Lentil & Tomato Soup!

Make Curried Lentil Tomato Soup

Lentils have an extremely high nutritional value and are very easy to cook. They are one of the few legumes that do not need to be soaked prior to cooking. They are very high in both soluble and insoluble fibers … Continue Reading…

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The Top 20 Reasons Why We Love Vitamins and Supplements


Society Wellness was launched to share our personal passion for overall wellness, which includes taking vitamins and supplements on a regular basis. We want to share the main reasons why we love them so much! Let’s start by defining vitamins and … Continue Reading…


Magnesium tidbits for wellness


Over the years I have grown to really value the important roles magnesium has in the body. I have seen it help many of my family members and friends with many different needs from muscle cramping to anxiety. For this … Continue Reading…


Beef Stew with Stout Ale Recipe

Beef Stew Pot

This is a great, hearty beef stew for all of you red meat eaters. I have used several ales with this recipe…the darker the better! Try to use beef from grass fed cows whenever possible. We have explained the importance of … Continue Reading…

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Shoot up your B12, or Swallow it? Everyone likes to talk about B12 shots, what do we really know?

B12 Shots?

Everyone is talking about the benefits of B12 shots. These shots are the most accepted treatment among doctors for people showing symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. The problem with this is, a lot of people get stuck with these shots … Continue Reading…

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Nourish With Style Reviews and Giveaway

Nourish With Style

Our friend Charli shared a green smoothie for kids recipe with us and happened to mention Nourish With Style reusable food pouches in her post. We reached out to Nourish With Style to let them know we mentioned them, and … Continue Reading…


Gut Health Smoothie Recipe

Gut Health Smoothie

When your gut health has been compromised with a 24 hour stomach flu, unfortunate food poisoning, or antibiotic associated nausea, a smoothie like this can be your meal back toward wellness, balance, and health again. This recipe serves two. Let … Continue Reading…


Stress and Supplements. Adapting to our Modern Day Lifestyles via superfoods and herbs in capsules.

Stress and Supplements

Books and research on the subject of stress are everywhere now. This is an opportunity to point out how supplements have become so valuable in our modern day lifestyles. Even though you can argue that people from the beginning of … Continue Reading…

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Flax facts for athletes, and every-body. A reminder that flax is still a health food staple!

Flax flower

Don’t forget about this health food staple. Even though it produces the gorgeous little flower shown in the picture above, the glamorous days may be over for flax because chia, hemp, and other super seeds have become popular. So should … Continue Reading…