Style at a Certain Age hosts Fashion Flash

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

Beth is from the blog Style at a Certain Age, and she hopes to encourage other women to embrace their own personal style. One thing she’s learned is that when you look great, you feel great, and you step out … Continue Reading…


3 Things to consider above & beyond doing a cleanse: Supplements, elimination, & core.


Everyone wants a “quick fix”. This fact will probably remain true until the end of time. Doing a cleanse has long been a popular cure-all choice. The problem with the “quick fix” is that the problem you are trying to … Continue Reading…


The difference between Brewer’s, Baker’s, and Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast

Working in health food stores for several years, I have heard a lot of confusion amongst customers regarding the differences between the various forms of supplemental and baking yeasts. These include nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast, and baker’s yeast, popularly referred … Continue Reading…

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Ugh! Need to follow our own advice. Read the labels – on everything – all of the time.


This is a quick post to remind everyone to read the labels of the products you buy all of the time, no matter where you shop. Both of these are true stories and are examples of just how easy unwanted … Continue Reading…


Beauty Info Zone is this week’s host of Fashion Flash

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

Beauty Info Zone is the work of two bloggers who met via their love of cosmetics, became fast friends, and decided to share their knowledge and hobby with others. Lisa and Marcia take turns writing articles as well as working … Continue Reading…


Mangolicious and Nutritious Smoothie

nutritious smoothie

It is so easy to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie these days, it just takes a little practice, and willingness to try! Smoothies are really hard to screw up, thankfully we have many delicious super foods readily available that … Continue Reading…


Are you getting enough protein?

Getting enough protein

According to the World Health Organization, only 5% of daily caloric intake needs to be protein. The National Academy of Science recommends that we take 10-15% of our total calories from protein. Some national health and fitness organizations recommend 20% … Continue Reading…


Kale and Sunflower Seed Pesto

Sunflower seed pesto

This is a quick kale and sunflower seed pesto that is equally as healthy as it is easy to prepare. The cheese can be substituted with an alternative such as Daiya brand cheese or nutritional yeast flakes. This sauce is … Continue Reading…


What to look for when buying Resveratrol.

Muscadine Grapes

Although resveratrol occurs naturally in grapes (especially Muscadine), nuts and other fruits, buying resveratrol as a supplement means that it is extracted from the herb Polygonum cuspidatum. The resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum is just like that of grapes and other … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Gluten Free Banana Muffins

These gluten free banana muffins are so good! The pecans offer a nice alternative to almond flour recipes, although almond flour can be used. My daughter and I made these together and ate them for breakfast for a week! I … Continue Reading…


Thai Curry Black Bean Noodles

Bean Noodles

Bean noodles are very high in protein and fiber. They are a great alternative to traditional gluten free pastas, which are usually made from corn, rice, and soy. The black bean noodles taste like traditional pasta to me, and this … Continue Reading…


6 Reasons to go the Extra Mile to support your Adrenal Health before, during, and after traveling.


Whether it is a trip for business, pleasure, or both, many times we return from the trip and feel like we need a vacation! I want to do everything possible to minimize, or better yet eliminate that feeling. You may … Continue Reading…


Ground Turkey Recipes

Ground Turkey Recipes

These ground turkey recipes obviously cannot be done vegan, but I prepare them gluten free and organic. All three recipes are very popular with adults and kids! They are easy to prepare, great recipes for the holidays, and they may … Continue Reading…

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Sinus issues in full bloom

Sinus support

Seasonal sinus problems are one of the most common health issues in the United States. The immune system is responsible for an allergy. The body is over-reacting to something that is normally harmless, releasing antibodies and histamine. Allergies exhibit most of … Continue Reading…


Book review: Fortify Your Life

Fortify Your Life

I was happy to read and review Fortify Your Life by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., as she has been on my radar for a number of years. My personal doctor has referenced continuing education pieces that she has taken advantage … Continue Reading…