Consume a rainbow of colors for optimal health. But, they have to come from real food!

Consume a rainbow of colors

My husband recently came home from the golf course with a topic for a blog post! When the cart girl was making her rounds offering drink choices mid-way through the game, one of his golf buddies asked for a Gatorade, … Continue Reading…


Second Lives Club = Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash

Second Lives Club hosts Fashion Flash this week. Connect with experts in the field of life over forty! Continue Reading…


The top 3 things that will destroy or diminish the effectiveness of probiotic supplements.


Probiotics have been the talk of the town over the last couple of years, and for good reason. They are awesome for supporting immune and digestive health, along with many other benefits. The problem is that probiotics are, by nature, … Continue Reading…


Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie

Chocolate cake batter smoothie

Yes, you read that right! This was just a random combination of ingredients I threw together one morning, and I was pleasantly surprised when the first sip I took tasted like chocolate cake batter! It has been decades since I … Continue Reading…


Outer Spice Giveaway

Outer Spice

I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes! I was very excited to try the new spice blends from Outer Spice. First, I started substituting my usual spices with the Outer Spice blends into meals that I have cooked for … Continue Reading…


Middle Eastern Corn Salad Recipe


My uncle is a truck driver who makes deliveries between Florida and Ohio. Every year he brings home fresh Ohio corn, and this year I bought ten dozen ears of corn, which my family helped husk, cook, remove the kernels … Continue Reading…


Fruits with the most nutrients for the lowest cost. Fill your shopping cart with these fruits.

fruits with the most nutrients

These fruits with the most nutrients and the lowest cost may surprise you. We think that this naturally makes them super foods! By including these fruits on your shopping list you will save money, and get healthier! If you have read … Continue Reading…


Reasons why I’m not buying that Krill is the Magic Pill


Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans that are a dietary staple for whales, small fish, and seabirds. Krill exist in large numbers and are an integral part of the aquatic food chain. Krill fishing has increased exponentially in recent years due to … Continue Reading…


Soda Sabotage: weight gain, inflammation, acidity, cavities, osteoporosis, diabetes

Soda Sabotage

Stop drinking soda, and let’s just go ahead and put “sports drinks” and anything “light” or “diet” on this list too.
 These drinks will sabotage your health and vitality, and your ability to maintain your weight in the long run. … Continue Reading…

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Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

This is an easy oatmeal pancake recipe and these pancakes have a wonderful flavor! You can also add flax meal for added nutritional benefits. When you want to make some ingredient substitutions in your traditional pancake recipe, this oatmeal pancake … Continue Reading…


Coconut Oil Terms Defined?

Coconut Oil Terms

In the world of supplements and super foods nothing is as straightforward as it seems. This holds true for something as simple as coconut oil, whose quality and processing is anything but a simple process to understand. Let’s look at … Continue Reading…

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Guest Post: 7 Foods for your heart

Foods for your heart

In order to prevent heart disease, we should try and do what we can to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system (arteries, veins, capillaries and so on). The two main pillars as far as good health is concerned have … Continue Reading…


Coconut Oil Quality Defined?

Coconut Oil Quality

This is the companion post to: Coconut Oil Terms Defined? In this post we look at additional information to keep in mind when searching for a high-quality coconut oil super food. There are many books and blogs touting the health benefits and … Continue Reading…


Add Muscle! It burns fat, revs metabolism, builds strong bones, and keeps you youthful.

Add Some Muscle

Muscle burns fat, revs the metabolism, builds strong bones, and keeps you youthful. You want all of these things, and the exact opposite of these attributes will define you if you don’t maintain or add muscle mass. Let’s look at … Continue Reading…


Vegan Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

This vegan butternut squash soup recipe focuses more on the squash and less on broth and other ingredients compared to the butternut squash and carrot or the mushroom with carrot and butternut squash soup recipes we have posted in the past. This recipe … Continue Reading…