Smoothie Recipe: Berries and Greens and good for your Belly

Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie has a thin consistency, which is a nice change of pace. I added the honey because all of the ingredients were “unsweetened”. If you are trying to reduce sugar consumption, just eliminate the honey. When it comes to … Continue Reading…


13 lifestyle changes that could eliminate your heartburn forever.


Remedies for heartburn are as simple as following a list of our favorite daily healthy-living tips. When you change your lifestyle, you change your health. Lifestyle and prevention are ongoing themes on this blog because we believe it is actually … Continue Reading…


Meet the Fashion Flash Team

Fashion Flash

Hosting Fashion Flash this week is the blog Over 50 Feeling 40 – “Let’s discuss…how we achieve strength, confidence, youthful thinking, inspiration and head-turning personal style!”  If this sounds like a conversation you would like to be a part of, … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Pasta and Summer Squash. Including Tomatoes, Olives, Lemon, and Mint.

Pasta and Summer Squash

We have done a summer squash pasta recipe in the past, but this one has different flavors and is a unique combination between squash pasta and pasta puttanesca. It’s a great dinner with the flavors of summer! It can easily … Continue Reading…


Put these 5 things into your mouth instead of a cigarette.


You just quit smoking – Yay!! Or maybe you are still “planning” on quitting, but you just haven’t made that full commitment. Either way, your intention is to improve your health, so congratulations! Let’s look at what you can do … Continue Reading…


Ugh! Need to follow our own advice. Read the labels – on everything – all of the time.

Dish Soap

This is a quick post to remind everyone to read the labels of the products you buy all of the time, no matter where you shop. This is a similar story to our last post on this subject. I was at … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Baked Peaches

Recipe for Baked Peaches

One of the best things about summer is the availability of peaches. Although I love peaches by themselves, this makes a nice treat if you are expecting company or just want to do something fun with the kids. I use … Continue Reading…


1000 Milligrams of Calcium. What does that really mean?


There is a statistic I heard years ago that stated women in the United States have the highest rate of osteoporosis, and also consume the most amount of calcium from dairy products and supplementation. This correlated with a famous Harvard … Continue Reading…


Always read the labels! Pretty packaging and product placement can be deceiving.

Reminder - Read The Labels

In the produce section of a local gourmet market, literally sitting right next to the blueberries and other fresh fruit, there is a juice blend labeled “freshly squeezed orange and strawberry”. That sounds like something yummy to try, right? But … Continue Reading…


Contrary to what your doctor may suggest. Eggs do not cause “elevated” cholesterol.


This is a true story, and a perfect example of the kind of advice doctors give to people that drives me crazy. A healthy 87-year-old male sees his doctor for a routine check up. The doctor says everything looks really … Continue Reading…


Smoothie Recipe: Cucumber Pineapple Coco Sipper

Cucumber Pinapple Sipper

This recipe is more of an Elixir than a Smoothie. We may need to create an elixir category on this blog if our friend Nina continues to offer up her raw food knowledge for us to share. For now, let’s … Continue Reading…


Recipe: Greek Egg-Lemon Soup

Greek Egg-Lemon Soup

This is a fun, somewhat simple soup to make. Since cooking with eggs can be a delicate process, the preparation is very hands on! I used homemade chicken broth in my version, but vegetable broth can be used as well. … Continue Reading…


Life span and health span. Do you know the difference?

Life span

When we hear people talk about “living a long life”, some of us automatically insert the word healthy into that phrase: “living a long, HEALTHY life”. Have you ever thought about what that really means to you? Does it mean … Continue Reading…

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Smoothie Recipe: A meal replacement, in this case – Dinner

Meal Replacement

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like eating dinner. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe you are slightly under the weather, maybe you are tired and not inspired to cook. Nothing really sounds good to you, but you know … Continue Reading…


Travel and Health with Lauren. Probiotics from around the world – King Curd and Lassi

Travel and Health

Shortly after arriving in Nepal, I found myself on a round of antibiotics. I can’t even remember the last time I was on antibiotics in the States, preferring to handle things herbally and homeopathically. However, with a lack of easy … Continue Reading…